Even though it might not be really be unusual that people are complaining about the weather, and probably absolutely normal if you’re a Brit, I can’t help to notice that during this summer it seemed to have spread around like a kind of virus. And why is that? Well, it’s because the weather in Germany just sucks at the moment and if you are from the coast, like me and a lot of my friends, a missing beach season can be very annoying indeed. And while friends in Texas are complaining every now and then about the heat there and the absence of rain, it feels like fall here some days and people are waiting for the rain to stop flooding the streets, wetting their clothes, impacting their mood and pleading for the summer to return. However, I’ve been watching this for a while now and though I really love the summer, there are certainly a few reasons I can think of why I don’t mind it to be hot and sunny every single day and summer taking a break sometimes.

  • I grew up close to the beach and really love to swim in the sea and nap in the sun but now I live about 600 km away so not much occasion to do that.
  • I’ve already spent most of my vacation days for the spring trip to the US and it’s just easier to sit in the office when the weather is not all that nice.
  • Usually when I take time off to go home hoping to spend some time at the beach it’s cold and rainy once I get there which is very frustrating.
  • It can actually be very nice and cozy to spend an evening in front of the burning fireplace in my living room on a chilly evening in July.
  • I can eat a lot of tasty food I’d normally not cook during a hot summer, such as spicy Thai curries.
  • It’s much easier and comfortable to sleep in a room that is not making you feel like sitting in a sauna and the sheets to be soaked in sweat.
  • It doesn’t bother me at all or make me feel bad to waste a lot of the day on weekends because I like to get up very, very late.
  • It gives me a good excuse not to mow the lawn in my back garden or remove the weed from the patio.
  • I have more time to spend lazy on the sofa, reading or watching movies, make phone calls, browse the web, rearrange the furniture in my house and to play around with my camera, making pictures of me all over the place.
  • It doesn’t make me feel strange to go shopping for fall clothes already. I love the new colours!
  • It makes it somewhat easier to bear that there is nobody to lie in the grass with watching the sky, to sit on the river’s bank with looking at the ships going by, to come along with on a walk through the shady wood, to share a nice meal and a glass of wine with sitting outside on a warm evening, to watch sleeping when the sun is rising and the first shafts of sunlight are falling through the window.

Wenn Du auch etwas dazu sagen möchtest...