12 Colours of Cold

This is my own little project for the winter 2011/12. The intention is to bring some colour into the usually very dark months December, January and February by taking a colourful picture every week during a total of 12 weeks. The project was started on December 1 and the first fotograph was published in my blog one week later on December 7. On this page I will collect all 12 pictures or Colours of Cold. Even though it was not my intentention to show a different major colour every week, I’ll most certainly give it at least a try. We’ll see how it goes. As usual, the rule is old pictures appear at the top, new at the bottom. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

2 Replies to “12 Colours of Cold”

  1. […] Da ich natürlich auch wieder einmal vergessen habe, am Wochenende schon ein Foto für die nächste Colour of Cold zu machen und sich das Makro da natürlich auch anbot, habe ich heute die Kamera mit zur Arbeit […]

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