Today, Ola Baking Factory has successfully restarted its cookie production at Neuss, Germany. The plant had been idled for several weeks due to maintenance work on the main control unit, high inventory levels and generally weak demand after the busy month of December. On its first day, the plant produced 5 baking sheets of cookies which are scheduled to be delivered to the customers tomorrow, a company source informed. Ola Baking Factory is producing cookies of the grade Chocolate Chip since the mid-90s and has now extended its product range to include the new grade Snickerdoodles. Trial runs for this new cookie grade, which is  utilising the latest JoyOfBaking technology, have only been completed in December 2010.

Ola Baking Factory is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ola Unlimited Enterprises, which was founded 1978 in Northeast Germany as spin-off of Oletta Inc., and specialised in the production of cakes and cookies. For many years, the company produced at various sites in Rostock, Germany but reached peak production only in 2007/08 after moving operations to Düsseldorf, Germany. During this 2-year time period, Ola Baking Factory produced on average 10 dozen scones, 5 dozen of various cookie grades and about 10 cakes per year. In the period 2009/10, the company had to reduce operating rates significantly due to technical problems and the loss of one major consumer but at the beginning of 2011, all major issues have been successfully resolved and demand has also significantly increased, boosting production to what seem to be new record highs.

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