For those of you who are bravely bearing with all the daily rubbish I produce and share with you in Facebook, it will be no news that I’ve recently ordered some sox from the US. No, not just any sox, special sox, of course. They don’t come in pairs – No! They come in triplets for the case you lose one while doing the laundry. Well, I found that more often I lose one in my bed and as with a washing machine, there is absolutely no reason or explanation why and how this could happen at all. Sometimes it happens that I find a long-lost friend hidden in a bedcover or pillowcase as it seems they are seeking protection in there when you put them all together in the washing machine. Or maybe they are just getting tired of each other or play hide-and-seek. However, we’ll probably never know the real reason why sox are getting lost at all. The idea of making a three-some out of a couple had an actually very nice guy called Edwin Heaven who was very kind and sent me some of his little ones across the ocean after I sent him an email. Ok, maybe I need to explain how I found about Throx sox in the first place. As any attentive reader might surely have noticed by now, I’m kind of adoring Christopher Moore, also known as the Author Guy, his books and his very special humour. In his latest book „Bite Me“ a certain accessory became very popular, maybe just only because of the saying ‚You rock my stripey socks!‘ and as a result, Chris and Edwin came up with the idea to sell those Fucksox as triplets – Throx Fucksox by Christopher Moore were born. And what is even cooler than that? ALL profits go to charity, normally this is MS research but during March the money was used for the benefit of the Japan earthquake and tsunami victims. So you might understand that I couldn’t really wait until I’m over in the US in a couple of weeks and had to buy them NOW.

I’m aware that this is probably shameless advertising for which I’m not paid by the way and doing it absoultely voluntarily and not because somebody forced me to do so (well, maybe the sox have been talking to me in my dreams, who knows). You can also believe me that originally this was not supposed to be a long story but only a picture story as I thought I take the chance and play a bit with my camera, Adobe Photoshop and fotography in general. So, here comes part 1 of the story, in pictures. Welcome my new friends of which you’ll certainly see more soon!

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