Hello? Is there anybody out there? Tock, tock. Well, Zeb, what do you think? Let’s just go ahead, huh? Alright, Zeb is nodding so here we go. Oh, hold on, maybe I should introduce us first, otherwise it might be a little bit confusing for you. Or maybe you’ll barely notice the difference. That being: this post is not written by DieOla, nu-uh! She is, once again, very tired today as it has been a very exciting weekend, so we thought we tell you a little story about the recent adventures of me, just call me Red, and my buddy Zeb, a black-and-white striped Zebra look-a-like. If you’ve read part 1 of the story you’d probably know or believe that the big two-legged One bought us from Edwin just for her own entertainment and well-being, to keep her feet warm and stuff like that. I’m sorry but this is not exactly right as we tricked her into it because we thought it would be kinda fun to see something else than San Fransisco. So at first we were sort of surprised to find ourselves in front of a door step in a city called Neuss. But a few days after arrival the big two-legged One announced that she’ll take some of us with her on a trip to – and now hold on – Dubai! ‚Course all of us wanted to come but for a weekend in Dubai you don’t really need a lot of sox you can imagine and we all thought it will certainly be some of the F-guys going as they are more famous but then there was some concern about getting them seized because the local authorities might find their stitching a little bit too provoking. So, at the end Zeb and I were chosen to go on the trip with her and while Zeb was allowed to travel outside the bag on the way to Dubai, it was my turn on the way back to Germany. You may understand that we are now also very exhausted as we’re not really used to travelling yet, the hot temperatures we just experienced in the Middle East and all the exciting things we’ve seen in these 2 days. However, before we join the big two-legged One and get some sleep as well, we’ll share some pictures with you. As Zeb was the photographer, he’s not in the picture but still grubby from the journey, he was not really a good looker anyway and didn’t bother to take a shower or go for a swim in the pool or sea as he said he just had a bath last week. Ok, here we go again.

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