Sitting in a train going south (or actually it’s more like mid-west) once again, still 2 more hours to go and being kind of bored. Fortunately, I bought myself a wonderful little laptop a few months ago which I really like to take with me on trips as it is not only a lightweight but also equipped with an extremely powerful battery which enables me to easily spent  6 long train hours writing or looking at pictures. I’ve just done the latter but now I thought it might be a good time to finish my long overdue travel story.  Well, the first part of it at least, as it might otherwise get a too long read for you and I still need to do some picture wizardry for part two so please bear with me for a little while longer.

As some of you might remember, I went to a short trip to Dubai about two weeks ago to visit some friends living there and celebrate a birthday, but also to get out into the warm and sunny climate again. It was not really a planned trip but when I heard that there will be a big party and found that flights were still cheap, I just thought it’s time to stop by saying hello again. Going to Dubai just for a weekend, does this make sense? Well, why not? The flight is not much longer than the train trip I’m making at the moment and I can tell you, the service of Emirates Airlines is really nice and the food is even tasty. Also, as I was not really paying that much attention when I got an email from Emirates offering me an upgrade to business class, I not only spent a lot more money for the flight than originally planned but also had the pleasure to travel a little bit more comfortable than usual, one way at least that is. I had booked a late flight over night so after a long day in the office I made my way to the airport on a quiet warm and sunny day, therefore arriving a little bit exhausted and, so you could say, sort of sticky. Saved some time at the check-in as I had my business class ticket and then thought I’ll have a look at the Emirates Lounge where I was welcomed by two very nice ladies. They said to me something about toilets and showers are to the right – Hold on! Showers?!? They have showers there? I had changed my t-shirt in the office so that I’m not all that sticky during the night, arrived sticky again at the airport to find out I can even shower there? Well, I took a shower anyway even though I had nothing fresh to change into. Then I strolled over to the dining area and had a look at all the wonderful food that was arranged there. On the one hand side, I knew that we’ll certainly be fed sufficiently later in the plane for sure. On the other hand side, it was already past 7 pm and the food looked very delicious indeed so how could I resist? Using the free Wi-Fi I browsed the web while eating (a beef pie, fruits, dessert, some cheese) and said goodbye to my Facebook friends, then hung around the lounge until the boarding started. As you might have noticed before, there are usually two separate entrances when you are boarding: one for business and first class, and another one for economy which is the one with the very long queue or more likely a big, messy crowd.  As I was for once not travelling economy I went to the other, empty entrance and suddenly some people (nuns, to be specific) from the queue stepped over and got their tickets checked. They looked nice though I had not really a problem to wait a sec but when the airline guy saw that I have a business class ticket, he hold out a hand to the nuns and said: Stop! She’s got a business class ticket. Just for me, imagine that. Was a bit rude in my opinion but I guess some (or should it say most?) people travelling business or first class expect to be treated better than the others as they pay so much more for it. Later in the plane I found an elderly, bad-mannered business man sitting next to me who was ordering champagne all the timing and complaining, sort of, that the plane was an older model and not as comfortable as the one he travelled with before. He was also sleeping in a very funny position with his hand reaching into his slightly opened shirt and kind of stroking his chest hair or groping his breast, maybe because he forgot to bring a teddy bear and didn’t dare to ask the flight assistant if he can get one for him, stealing from a child in economy if necessary. Ok, could have been worse, you know: Al-Bundy-sitting-on-sofa-and-watching-TV-style gestures or somebody talking rubbish straight into your ear all the time or is extremely sweating, burping and I don’t want to think about what else could happen to you.  So far, I’ve been very lucky indeed but maybe I shouldn’t say that too loud going on another long transatlantic flight in only a few weeks. Let’s keep the fingers crossed.

Otherwise it was an ok flight but even though I really liked the comforts of the airport lounge, it’s not really worth it to spent more money for a business class ticket (if you have to pay for it out of your own pocket, that is), especially not when you fly with Emirates as their service in economy class is really good and I have to commit that I enjoyed the flight back a lot more: nicer company, more food and two really good movies. But what I really, really liked in business class: you get a toothbrush and toothpaste – something I always miss when I’m travelling and after all this boxed food you eat while travelling, it’s just so nice being able to clean your teeth.  Made me feel better in an instance despite the lack of sleep. Sometimes the simplest things can make you happy. Funny, huh?

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