Jeez, I can’t believe that more than two months have passed now without me publishing any new story about my little stripey friends. Dear me, I guess I’m not a very good sox holder, not taking them out just leaving them in the drawer all the time or playing around in the house. Occasionally I allowed some of them to come to work with me as long as they promised to keep quiet and don’t disturb anybody. This is at least true for most of June, which was a bit of a sad and distracting month with less room for funny stories to grow, though for May I have a better excuse: We were on holiday in their home country, the US of A, and visited San Francisco, the beautiful place were they were born, I just didn’t get to make photos of them as they were either very tired and hiding from me or just all over the place, exploring every single rock and flower of the Wild West. They were hiking down canyons, running after bears, watching squirrels and birds, trying top climb on trees, bathing in the sea, playing cards in Vegas, looking out of the car window and asking all the time ‚Are we there soon?‘ and ‚Can we have some ice cream, pleeeeze?‘ Yes, we had a jolly good time over there and even managed to sent some greetings to all those who had to stay at home as I couldn’t take all of them with me (only one piece of luggage allowed). Life is not always fair.

But now we’re all back, rested and in a slightly better mood so that, on a partly cloudy but still warm saturday about two weeks ago, I decided it’s time to show them around a bit and take them to the big city, Düsseldorf that is, sort of big. So, I loaded my backpack with two cameras and left the house, just to noticed halfway to the bus stop that I’d forgotten my models at home. So I turned and went back home to pick up a slightly confused and disappointed bunch of sox and leave again. As soon as we arrived at our first stop close to the Rhine tower, the guys all ran away to have some fun on a playground – they have skulls and the F-word stitched on them, but they are such babies, really. But hey, they have waited for so long, I just let them enjoy the moment and took some pictures in the meantime before we continued to have a walk around the media port and visit the Frank Gery buildings, the parliament and the tv garden. Then the weather took kind of nasty turn, with the heaven full of clouds and a strong breeze blowing along the river I wasn’t really in the mood to spent a lot more time outside so after a last stop at the city hall, camera and sox were safely stored in the backpack again and I went shopping. This story is not yet finished as there is still so much to see, more pictures to come at another time.

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