Is not only the title of a song by Udo Jürgens from 1977 (and I’m not going to say that I like the song at all, the link is only info material for those who are curious and courageous) but also my very personal theme of the day. This is because it’s my birthday or, more precisely, the 33th anniversary of the day I was born. Well, actually this is also not really correct as it was not only me back then, it was me and my brother who probably took up much of the space most of the time and found his way out first, 5 minutes ahead of me. So, for most of our lives we celebrated our birthday together (and it was always ‚our‘ never really ‚mine‘) at our parents house, even after I moved away from my home town about 5 years ago, I always went back for this day and so did my brother. Last year he couldn’t make it, he’s living about 1000 km away now which is even further than the 600 km I’m away from the coast and the place where we spent almost our whole life. Even though we are and have never been really close, it was kind of strange to celebrate the day alone and this year, I decided to stay here in my new home and have some fun on my own. I took the day off and stayed in bed as long as possible which was till about 11 am when my parents called to congratulate. The rest of the day wasn’t that bad either, I made myself breakfast and a wonderful apple pie for later which I ate with ice cream. And even though I’ve barely seen somebody all day, I didn’t feel alone or let’s better say lonely. Friends from all over the world send me messages, greeting cards or called and even sang for me, I got flowers from my parents, swiss chocolate from my brother and a new book with baking recipes. Some people forgot but I don’t really mind as it happened to me before, we’re all getting older and forgetful and some of us are just more busy than others. It was very nice though to know that so many people thought of me today if only for a little moment, some of them I haven’t even met yet or maybe only for a few times and others I haven’t seen for many, many years. This is probably what I like best about Facebook: I don’t want to play games there, I want to share things with friends, want to be part of their life, no matter where they are and when I might see them again. When I was a teenager, my friends and I used to meet every day, it was really a big crowd and we didn’t do anything special, just hung around together on an old schoolyard and other places and no matter what, there was always somebody there. We all  grew up later and went separate ways, changed in one way or the other, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends anymore, we just found us another playground and I’m having lots of fun with my old and new buddies. Well, I’m also not that bad in entertaining myself and that’s what I’ve done today, in addition to eating and sleeping. I can’t really remember whether I ever had balloons for a birthday party, but this year I had some.

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  1. ooooh liebe viola, warum schreibst du denn alles auf englisch (; ? mir gefällt das zweite bild mit dem spiegel am besten, das hat so etwas märchenhaftes. tolles gewand, übrigens. und jedes mal wieder bin ich ein bisschen neidisch auf dein wunderschönes layout!

    • Warum auf englisch? Na weil das die sprache ist, die alle meine Freunde sprechen und ich ab und zu auch mal was mit denjenigen teilen möchte, die kein Deutsch sprechen. Auch wenn sich der eine oder andere schon mit Übersetzungstools geholfen hat. Ich schreibe halt auch ganz gerne auf englisch, manche Sachen klingen irgendwie besser, aber keine Sorge, ich werd schon noch weiter auf Deutsch schreiben und die ‚Bilder‘ versteht man ja auch ohne Worte. Ich mag auch das Bild mit dem Spiegel am liebsten, wollte aber mal was Gemischtes an diesem Tag machen. Das Kleid hab ich mir aus Las Vegas mitgebracht, man kann es auch 10 verschiedene Weisen tragen, sehr pflegeleicht ist es noch dazu. Allerdings hab ich bisher nur für das Fotoshooting angezogen, geh einfach zu wenig aus, aber was nicht ist, kann ja noch werden.

      Und wegen des Layouts: mich stören ja hier und da ein paar Kleinigkeiten – die Darstellung der Kommentare zum Beispiel und auch immer noch ein bißchen die Strukur einiger Seiten etc.- vielleicht krieg ich das noch besser hin, irgendwann. Und ich finde ja das Piano Black Layout steht Dir sehr gut 🙂

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