I know I’m not always the best Throx mommy in the world but I’m certainly trying to keep the little ones save, together and entertained, at least occasionally. Even though there is still so much to see in the big city of Düsseldorf, I decided this weekend to take them with me on another, colourful adventure and show them the flea market Gare du Neuss, where I spent most of my Saturday afternoons in the past couple of weeks. Well, I’m not actually sure if the word flea market describes this place very well as it is far more than just the typical conglomeration of junk people don’t want any more. No, the halls of the old freight railway station in Neuss are full of the most wonderful vintage things – old furniture and chandeliers, crystal glasses and leather suitcases, airforce overalls and old LPs, roller blades with wooden wheels, golf clubs and crumpled boxing gloves. And it’s not just a place you go to just for buying things, to make a good bargain or find something special you can’t get anywhere else; it’s also a place where you can take wonderful pictures, sit in an old armchair drinking a cold beer and listen to the tunes of the jukebox; and a place to find extraordinary people who can become very good friends in a short time.

This time, I took some of the spare sox with me and let them snoop around as well and I can tell you, they liked it very much. It just fits their witty nature to play hide-and-seek among the old cupboards and cabinets in Iris‘ corner, to turn the booth of the flower lady upside down in their fear of the white wolf sleeping in his wooden bed between the fake fur blankets, to pretend being on sale when I draped them over a vacated rope between the old wooden beams, to take a little break on sofas and chairs from running around and climbing the hat rack to have a better look. Well, I can certainly tell you that all of us had a lot of fun but see for yourself.

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