Jeez, the past few weeks have been a bit busy, travelwise, and I’ve been away almost every second weekend, sometimes even without a break at home in between and that’s something I really don’t like and try to avoid as I need to catch up with my sleep and I also need to be alone sometimes. I think becomes even more important during the cold and grey months at the end of the year when I don’t really want to be outside most of the time but rather wrapped in a cozy blanket sitting on my sofa and watching a fire burning in the fireplace or the flickering lights of candles casting shadows on the walls. I would have a cup of hot tea on the table next to me, a good book on my lap, look down to my stripey socked feet sticking out of the blanket just a little bit and think about all the little trips we’ve made together this fall.

Early in October, we went up north to Hamburg to visit one of the most beautiful German cities and to meet an old friend. Even though the weather was actually very summer like so that you could easily go without wearing socks, I had planned to take them with me for some funny shoots there and then, when I sat in the train and thought about what I could actually do with my little stripey friends, I realized with shock that I totally forgot to put them into my suitcase. So many times I’ve in Hamburg at the main station with the sox either hidden in my shoes or tugged in neatly between the clothes in my luggage and when I actually spent more than a few minutes in the city, I forget them and therefore don’t have any fotographical evidence of their presence there. As replacement, I decided just to show another unpublished picture of them in Duesseldorf, chilling at the media port, which was taken earlier in summer though you wouldn’t actually notice it as the trees in the background have not lost their leaves yet.

However, only one week after my visit in Hamburg and a few days at home in the Rhineland, I went east to Dresden for a weekend as some friends were getting married there and ‚Alas!‘ I managed not to forget them this time. Which was actually very good as the weather had changed suddenly from summery warm to wintery cold and I was glad about any clothes I had. Unfortunately, with the cold weather also came grey sky and rain and even though I managed to take some pictures during a walk through the city, most of them looked crap so I only used one picture in the collection below – the stripey ones trying to warm the stony feet of a naked guy.

The last two trips I made where  to visit my parents in Rostock, at the coast of the Baltic sea, and my brother in Lörrach, which is a little town not far away from Basel and the swiss and french border. It was perfect sock weather, cold but dry with some sunshine, so I took my little friends to beach for a breeze of fresh sea air and for a walk in the park, both of these trips are documented in the pictures above. There are two of each trip that are very much alike, I just couldn’t decide which one to use and then thought: Hey, it’s my blog! I can do what I want! This being said, I’m actually not sure at the moment whether I really want to continue with these sox travel stories, maybe because I don’t have that many travel plans in the future or maybe because I’m just not feeling very funny at the moment to do this. I don’t know. I still have some ideas now and then for a pictures with the little guys but those are usually arrangements I can do at home, whenever I want and fancy so we’ll see. In the meantime, you can browse the old stories from Throxland or visit their home base Throx where you can now also find and buy Christopher Moore’s Fuckstockings in foolish black and grey. Pockett would be very amused indeed and do a somersault. And as always: all profits go to Multiple Sclerosis Research.

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    • Ja genau, da sind sie wieder, meine kleinen gestreiften Freunde. Leider klappen die Inzenierungen auf Reisen irgendwie nicht so richtig, insofern weiß ich gerade nicht, ob ich dazu noch viel mache. Ganz verschwinden werden sie aber nicht und demnächst gibt es auf jeden Fall noch ein Feiertags-Spezial 🙂

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