I was just scrolling through the pictures taken during the past few weeks with the hope that something will catch not only my eyes but will also help to make the words flow. Sometimes I just can’t stand the silence and other times it is the only thing I’m longing for. I was feeling sad and detached yesterday, a little bit overwhelmed by old memories and feelings, almost desperately searching words and still failing. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter how hard you try, it simply seems not to be right. Today was somewhat worse as there was more space to let it be, the slowly swelling tide finally reaching the limit and crushing down on me. It leaves me exhausted but not broken as there always seems to happen some good things at the same time, in a world full of changes and little pleasures. So, when I settled down on my sofa with the notebook on my knees looking at pictures I stumbled over some experimental shots and even though I really liked them  as they were, I couldn’t help myself and started to play around with them after the first edit. The results rather look like crude paintings than photographs, simple but also a bit crazy, painting with the camera and changing reality. I like that a lot.


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  1. I really like the first one. Like a wound or bleeding … the body cleasning before healing. They’re all cool in their own way. Some speak of decay and neglect, some of cracked ice or biological processes. None of them speak to me of serenity and peace but more of an acceptance that what is past is passed.

    Sometimes I sit in front of the monitor scrolling through images past waiting like you for the muse to come. Sometimes she doesn’t and I have three or four pictures that I’m totally undecided on whether to post or not. Sometimes I find myself wondering what other people would ~like~ me to post … when I start thinking that I’ve learned that to get up and go for a walk is a great idea!

    I like the experimens 🙂

    • Once again you left me smiling and happy after reading your comment (which probably was late a night and me being half asleep). I remember that when I took the pictures it was the cracking and splintering of the surface, the battered look that appealed to me in the first place Also, in the original version the background is bright yellow sprinkled with rust and remains of blue, a flash of colours. The conversion of colours, however, made things visible that haven’t been there before or maybe just not that obvious, the bleeding and running look. It was so exciting to discover this and bring it into view.

      Maybe I should try going out for a walk or just leaving things unpublished until I feel it is right. I think it also makes it a bit difficult for me sometimes that I don’t really like to publish just a single picture (the projects 4 Elements and 52 Rabbits are actually a good practice to get over this) but on the other hand it’s not always easy to compile a series as well. And I always try to write something as well as just showing pictures seems not right to me somehow…and sometimes the words don’t want to be found or I’m in the wrong mood. Well, it’s not that there are any deadlines I have to meet 🙂

    • Oh ja, es ist wirklich sehr spannend, was man erst im nachhinein oder beim genauen hinsehen in so manchen Bildern entdeckt. Als ich diese Aufnahmen vor 4 Wochen gemacht habe und selbst bei der ersten Bearbeitung gestern, hatte ich keine Ahnung, dass am Ende so etwas dabei rauskommt. Es begann als kleine Spielerei und dann kam auf einmal die Idee. Es erstaunt mich wirklich immer wieder, wie viele Möglichkeiten sich einem in der Fotografie bieten und was man mit relativ wenig Aufwand alles erreichen kann. Ich bin begeistert und freue mich unheimlich, dass Dir auch diese Art von Bildern gefällt. Liebe Grüße in den Norden 🙂

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