Once upon a time, there was a little snail traveling around in a world that seemed to become bigger and stranger every day. It tried to get along and follow the flow for a while but the longer it took, the more answers turned up and kept bouncing around in its little head. Everything hurt and it tried to hide deep inside its shell, but what it really wanted was to run away and disappear. Longing for silence and peace, the little snail climbed up and up on the highest blades of grass and finally found a shell that was even stronger than its own. With an unheard sigh, it embraced the darkness and slept for a very long time, surrounded by the empty remains of those who found this place before and were now silently whispering in its dreams.

After what seemed to have been a very long time, the little snail felt the warm of the sun again and saw that single beams of light had found their way into its dark realms. It felt much stronger now, awake, and so it decided to leave this secret place and return to the world outside. As it moved from place to place, it suddenly noticed different things out there, some of them where still frightening but others so incredibly beautiful, and the little snail began to hope again and to believe that maybe one day it would discover a happiness that will last longer than just the fraction of a moment. It knew that it would never be able to leave its shell behind completely but dared to come out of it more often as time went by. On some days, it would also notice that there is another snail pretty much like itself and the two would sit next to each other for a little while. Sometimes they would meet outside, look at each other and wonder about their likeness as they could also strongly sense the others presence through their shells. How will their story continue? Will they come out of their shells one day and decide to travel the world together from now on, still at a slow pace but stronger as they are no longer alone. Or will the little snail wake up one day to find that its newly found companion has just left it behind. Once again. I won’t say anything, you can make your own choice and decide how it ends. Or maybe begins.

A Snails Tale

4 Replies to “A snails tale

  1. Toll geschrieben, hab mich gefreut über die süßen Bilder. Die Geschichte funktioniert auch ohne die letzten Sätze ab „how ill their story continue?[…]“, das unterbricht den Erzählstil und nimmt dem Idealismus des Erzählten die Stärke. Ansonsten top!

    • Vielen Dank, freut mich sehr, dass Dir die Bilder und die kleine Geschichte dazu gefällt. Du hast damit vermutlich recht. Der letzte Satz davor eignet sich aber meiner Meinung nach nicht als Ende der Geschichte, darauf hätte auf jeden Fall noch mindestens ein Satz folgen müssen, um es für mich ‚rund‘ zu machen. Da ich kein glückliches Ende schreiben konnte und kein unglückliches Ende schreiben wollte, hab ich mich so wohl versucht, aus der Sache heraus zu mogeln.

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