A snails tale

Once upon a time, there was a little snail traveling around in a world that seemed to become bigger and stranger every day. It tried to get along and follow the flow for a while but the longer it took, the more answers turned up and kept bouncing around in its little head. Everything hurt […]


We are ghosts

Sometimes I’m standing right beside me and don’t remember how that happened again. It could be the lingering memories of times long passed by. Or just the dreams of yet another sleepless night. I’m nothing but a fleeting shadow, neither here nor there nor anywhere. Walking the streets without leaving a trace. Almost invisible, hidden in plain sight.


The ABC Project

Die ersten Tage des Oktobers sind bereits vergangen und somit ist nun endlich die Zeit gekommen, um euch ein paar Bilder meines neuen Projektes zu zeigen. Viel Worte gibt es darüber eigentlich nicht zu verlieren, denn die dahinter stehende Idee ist ganz einfach: 26 Tage lang werden nach und nach die Buchstaben des Alphabets durchfotografiert, […]

Just briefly me

So many nice comments in the past view days and I’m just too tired to reply. But I will. Soon. I promise. So before I disappear again to take refuge on the famous red sofa, I just wanted to say a ‚Hello‘ and show you some new pictures I took of myself last Saturday. Originally, […]


Banalities abstracted

I was just scrolling through the pictures taken during the past few weeks with the hope that something will catch not only my eyes but will also help to make the words flow. Sometimes I just can’t stand the silence and other times it is the only thing I’m longing for. I was feeling sad and […]


She wore blue

Prelude in Blue from ‚Sacre Bleu‘ by Christopher Moore „This is a story about the color blue. It may dodge and wave, hide and deceive, take you down paths of love and history and inspiration, but it’s always about blue. How do you know, when you think blue – when you say blue – that […]

Celebrate with Throx

As  mentioned in my last story from Throxland, I’m not sure at the moment whether I will continue with the travel stories as I won’t on the road that much in the next couple of months and often found it difficult to actually arrange the little ones so that you can see both them and the […]

Fotostory: Throx Sox 6th

Jeez, the past few weeks have been a bit busy, travelwise, and I’ve been away almost every second weekend, sometimes even without a break at home in between and that’s something I really don’t like and try to avoid as I need to catch up with my sleep and I also need to be alone […]

Fotostory: Throx Sox 5th

I know I’m not always the best Throx mommy in the world but I’m certainly trying to keep the little ones save, together and entertained, at least occasionally. Even though there is still so much to see in the big city of Düsseldorf, I decided this weekend to take them with me on another, colourful adventure […]

Mit 66 Jahren

Is not only the title of a song by Udo Jürgens from 1977 (and I’m not going to say that I like the song at all, the link is only info material for those who are curious and courageous) but also my very personal theme of the day. This is because it’s my birthday or, […]

Fotostory: Throx Sox 4th

Jeez, I can’t believe that more than two months have passed now without me publishing any new story about my little stripey friends. Dear me, I guess I’m not a very good sox holder, not taking them out just leaving them in the drawer all the time or playing around in the house. Occasionally I allowed […]

Fotostory: Throx Sox 3rd

Here comes the next adventure of my very own Fucksox and their friends in Germany though most of them still haven’t left the house. This time, there really is not much of a story to tell so I hope you just have some fun with the pictures as they should say enough. I certainly was quiet enjoying to […]

Fotostory: Throx Sox 2nd

Hello? Is there anybody out there? Tock, tock. Well, Zeb, what do you think? Let’s just go ahead, huh? Alright, Zeb is nodding so here we go. Oh, hold on, maybe I should introduce us first, otherwise it might be a little bit confusing for you. Or maybe you’ll barely notice the difference. That being: this […]

Fotostory: Throx Sox 1st

For those of you who are bravely bearing with all the daily rubbish I produce and share with you in Facebook, it will be no news that I’ve recently ordered some sox from the US. No, not just any sox, special sox, of course. They don’t come in pairs – No! They come in triplets for the case […]

Sunny with a chance of scones

It’s been a sunny and actually quiet warm day today, and even though I’m still busy as a bee with lots of stuff I don’t want to talk about, I thought it would be nice to make some scones again. Ok, let’s do a quick story… Nowadays, demand for scones is not as high as […]

Special Focus: Ola Baking Factory successfully restarted

Today, Ola Baking Factory has successfully restarted its cookie production at Neuss, Germany. The plant had been idled for several weeks due to maintenance work on the main control unit, high inventory levels and generally weak demand after the busy month of December. On its first day, the plant produced 5 baking sheets of cookies which are scheduled to be […]